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ESIS is a third-party administrator and wholly owned subsidiary of Chubb Inc. They provide service and products that are an integral part of clients’ risk management programs.

An angry customer mentioned, "My vehicle was hit by a guy in a rental who was determined to be at fault. My husband was in the vehicle at the time. Over the past 4+ months multiple agents of our insurance company has contacted ESIS to cover the repair costs, and rental car. Upon my insurance agents leaving dozens of voice-mail they have left my information for them to contact me to fix this issue. We have absolutely no returned calls or anything from ESIS. Its been 4+ months and not a single person has answered a single call or have done ANYTHING to resolve this issue."


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Claims Representative (Former Employee) says

"Difficult work environment. Upper management quick to blame subordinates for poor results. Frequent audits impact adjusters ability to get the job done resulting in poor file quality and poor audit results...a vicious cycle not made any easier by micro management from upper managers.Constant turnover of staffbenefits are fairly goodmicro managed - heavy caseloads - constant turnover - frequent audits"

Auto and General Liability Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"Work/Life balance is nonexistent, as this position requires no less than 50 plus hours per week in order to be moderately successful. The managers all work hard to motivate employees; however, the work load is insurmountable. Very difficult position if you are new to the industry.Good benefits, friendly staffWork load too heavy compared to salary, poor work/life balance"

Claims Examiner (Former Employee) says

"I could tell there were favorites amongst management and many scandals among management. I received discrimination and laid off even though I always was highly recommended and praised by my accounts and received yearly raises for my good work yet I was still laid off a month after I return from being in the hospital. They stated it was a nationwide layoff yet I was the only one in my department to be let go when just 3 months earlier I was given a 5% raise for my outstanding performance."

Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"There were a lot of good parts about this job, including the benefits, pay, and social environment (free food, friendly co-workers, occasional parties). However, this job is very corporate and at the end of the day, it's all about the "numbers." If that’s something you’re fine with, the job could be for you. For me, a heavy and complicated caseload was thrown onto me after 2 months of training. My supervisor was a complete workaholic and very tough on me without encouragement, so that ate at my self-esteem while my caseload was still a mess; again, I was barely trained, so moving claims along was difficult, let alone moving them towards closure. Working this job caused the most stress I've ever experienced, much more than college ever caused me. I was constantly experiencing body aches and getting sick, so I was miserable most of the time. It didn't help that my supervisor was continuously barking at me, especially since I didn't understand half of what she said or needed from me. She was oftentimes annoyed or in a rush whenever I would need help, despite her telling me to always ask questions or reach out for help. I was completely mentally and physically drained from this work, so work-life balance was challenging for me to manage. Although my experience was not a positive one, I learned a lot about myself working this job and met a lot of cool people, so I don’t regret it. I think this would be a good company to work for if you already have experience as a claims adjuster. As a warning, the training for new, non-exeperienced adjusters, is not very helpful, but if you'reCollaborative work environment, cool co-workers, catered/free lunches and snacks, ability to grow in the companyincredibly stressful, was getting sick frequently, supervisor was incredibly demanding and hard on employees"

Claim Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"ESIS is a TPA for major commercial accounts. The workday is typical for companies who perform this work and work loads vary widely from Office to Office. Overall ESIS tends to attract more qualified, experienced staff and compensates them well. The 401k is particularly generous. Work hours are flexible and the health benefits very competitive with others in this line of work.Flexible work schedule including work at home, 401KWork loads can be onerous at times."

Brian says

"Why can I not give 0 stars? I was injured at work and Esis fights everything. It has been 7 years and I still have to fight to get the same prescriptions approved every couple months. Garbage company with garbage ethics IMO."